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“JS Investigations is pleased to have been able to support the people of the Gulf Coast during catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina and most recently the Deepwater Horizon spill. During these times we have learned the value added, specialized services we provide are critical to ensuring that the people of our community are not taken advantage of by those who are less than scrupulous.”

– Joe Schembre, President – JSI

Our bottom line is compliance and integrity!

At J.S. Investigations we understand the challenges facing today’s businesses. We offer support to help our clients safeguard their organizations from exposure to potential fraud.

– Our only goal is a satisfactory outcome to your case.

– Leveraging our business acumen and expertise in investigations, we can help to ensure that your claims are fully investigated and give you the information needed to successfully manage the settlement process.

– We offer investigative experience, independence, objectivity, and extensive knowledge of investigative techniques and claims processes.

– Many years of service has allowed us to develop a wide variety of investigative tools to meet your needs.

Our team of analysts specializes in researching and locating information regarding a claimant’s previous medical history and treatment. This search is not limited to just hospitals and doctors but can include pharmacies, MRI facilities, gyms, health clubs, and even possible storage facilities for those property claims.

Our investigators are trained to provide an investigation that will help answer the question of what actually happened. Scene canvass investigations include: photographing the loss location, canvassing the loss location for witnesses, and interviews with witnesses and law enforcement or fire personnel regarding the claim.

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