JS Investigations and our in-depth evidence gathering techniques have saved our insurance company clients time, energy and money. We provide a number of valuable services to our insurance company clients and their Special Investigations Unit (SIU). JS Investigations will interface flawlessly with our client’s staff and outside counsel. We provide customized investigations designed to accommodate the specific needs of complex and unusual claims. Our investigators will develop relevant facts you need to know to minimize losses. All of our private investigators have the experience needed to testify in both federal and state courts. We also assist our clients to develop pro-active strategies to detect fraud and prevent future fraudulent payments.



Do you suspect that your subject may be more active than they are reporting to be? Do you suspect that they might be working at an undisclosed job? JSI’s team of surveillance specialists can help. We have years of security and surveillance experience and are ready to put it to work for you. Our professional staff is trained to conduct covert surveillance over a period of time to obtain video evidence of the subject, providing indisputable evidence and support for your case. They are trained to remain unobtrusive as they monitor a subject’s activity. Our state of the art equipment allows for video footage and still photographs in a variety of situations.


Activity checks are recommended to obtain and confirm information on subjects in order to ascertain if surveillance is warranted, taking into consideration your exposure on the subject. Activity checks include database searches to obtain the subject’s current residence and background information as well as participation in organized activities. Neighborhood canvasses can be used to obtain information about the subject and the subject’s activities.


These database and in person checks assist in determining the subject’s status. Is the person claiming disability benefits still disabled? Has a widow or widower remarried? Are they still residing in the reported location? We can assist in finding this information for you.



Many times witnesses and accident victims have different versions of what really occurred. Our investigators are trained to provide an investigation that will help answer the question of what actually happened. Scene canvass investigations include: photographing the loss location, canvassing the loss location for witnesses, and interviews with witnesses and law enforcement or fire personnel regarding the claim.


Everybody has a story, and somewhere in that story is the truth. Trained and experienced J.S.I. investigators get witnesses and claimants talking. Once they are talking we listen closely and guide the interview to open avenues of inquiry that get around the barriers of concealment and forgetfulness. Recorded statements are a normal part of the claims process. Our experienced and well trained staff can obtain recorded statements either in person or telephonically with the subject or witness. If the subject is represented, recorded statements are obtained through the subject’s attorney. Our staff has the experience to obtain detailed investigative statements regarding all types of claims including workers’ compensation injuries, automobile accidents, auto and property fires, auto and property theft claims, as well as personal injury claims and general liability situations.


Our professional staff can assist in the location of subjects and the execution of service of court documents.



Are you looking for a witness? Trying to find the claimant? JSI’s desktop analytical team utilizes a wide array of nationwide public and proprietary database resources, while our field team can conduct in-person courthouse searches and interviews of known acquaintances, relatives, co-workers and neighbors to assist our clients in tracking down those hard-to-find individuals.


JSI’s desktop analytical team utilizes a wide variety of public and proprietary database resources to locate any available public records on your subject. Background record checks are conducted at local, district and federal courthouses. Some county and parish searches can be performed using online courthouse services and computer databases. Physical searches at courthouses are also available by a trained researcher.


Want to know what your subject is doing in his spare time or what he is blogging about? JSI can conduct online searches to determine if a subject has social networking profiles. We can locate blogs or information posted on discussion sites. Often we can obtain photographs and information about the subject from their profile pages.


Need to know if a subject has assets worth pursuing in subrogation? Should your company agree to allow settlement based only on policy limits? Our team of database specialists can conduct asset searches to determine a subject’s ownership of businesses, properties, automobiles, and recreational vehicles and boats.


  • Driving history

Available in all states except California.


  • Vehicle title history

Available in all states except the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Nebraska.


  • Vehicle registration

Available in all states except Rhode Island.


  • Vehicle insurance

Available in California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont.


  • Accident reports

Available in most areas with a date of loss, location, and name of one person involved.


Our team of analysts specializes in researching and locating information regarding a claimant’s previous medical history and treatment. This search is not limited to just hospitals and doctors but can include pharmacies, MRI facilities, gyms, health clubs, and even possible storage facilities for those property claims. Our research includes previous geographic domiciles nationwide. Please contact us to see what our team of experts can do to assist you in locating the information you need to defend your claim.

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